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If you are someone trying to lose weight then you must have heard about African Mango Plus but perhaps you are a little apprehensive if it’s the right thing for you – good thing there are African Mango Plus reviews to help shed some light on the matter. You will be able to weight the facts against the myths and decide for yourself. Read the reviews and earn the benefits later that you will surely appreciate.

It’s true that there are some reviews that were paid to promote positive things regarding certain products but there are also paid reviews to discredit certain products. It is necessary for you to be able to utterly determine what are true and what are not – the reviews will (somehow) be able to tell you that regardless of the motive of such reviews. It is prudent to know first the reason behind the popularity of African Mango and its benefits and why African Mango Plus was born. Aside from the reviews, you should also do some research and investigation on your own if you really want to unveil the truth.


Origin of African Mango

African Mango plus reviews


First of all, African Mango is extremely rare and can be found in some parts of Africa. The phenomenal fruit might be new for someone living outside of Africa but Africans have used the fruits and the seeds for centuries. The natives call the fruit “Dikka Nuts” while they call the extract “Irvingia Gaconensis” and they have always believed that the fruit and the extract provide health and medical benefits more than just mere weight loss aid. The amazing fruit contains loads of Vitamin B which aids the body’s metabolism (by increasing it), can lower cholesterol, and has energizing effects that African tribesmen are grateful and because of that, they continue to include the fruit in their diet.

The manufacturer of African Mango Plus saw the fruit’s great potential as the number of obese people all around the globe increased – the product will not only provide weight loss advantages but other health benefits as well. For weight loss, the product is an aid and should not be taken solely as it is and completely depend on it without eating properly. Understand that to achieve the full weight loss potential of the product, you need to make sure to eat properly and regular exercise routine can speed up the results. Also, bear in mind that different individuals have different time frame for the desired result to manifest and not all will be able to achieve the same results.

Dr. Oz and African Mango Plus

African Mango Plus Reviews

Wherever you look, most reviews regarding African Mango Plus are favorable. The good thing about the product is that the ingredients used to manufacture African Mango Plus are all natural. Dr. Oz (who became the talk of the town when Oprah Winfrey featured him on her show) discussed the many benefits of African Mango on his own show. He said that African Mango is good for lowering bad cholesterol levels, improving the waist size, and effective aid for weight loss. Someone who has able to establish a name for himself will always act and say things with utmost care especially before an audience.

Before taking African Mango Plus it is wise to consult your doctor first especially if you are taking maintenance medications because it might have some reactions with your medicines. It is wise to consult your doctor first or have a physical examination even if you are not under medications because there might be unfavorable reactions due to unknown illness already brewing inside of you. There is a possibility for a negative review regarding certain product to be true but only because proper consultation has not been made and not because of the product itself.

So far, there are no serious claims (from negative reviews) that African Mango is not good for the body. Most complaints might have emanated from wrong usage of the product. It is wise to weigh the presented facts and determine whether it’s true or not but you should not brush them off as something misleading because there might be some truth to them. The best thing to do is investigate and research to find out the reason why such claim popped up especially if you are thinking of taking African Mango Plus.

Conclusion on African Mango Plus reviews

Regardless if African Mango Plus reviews are negative or not, they can still help you determine what is best for you. You need to start somewhere and the reviews can give you something to start with. Let the reviews serve as your guide in finding out the truth that will enable you to arrive at the best course of action to make.

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Health Benefits Of African Mango Plus

Have you been trying to get a natural method that can help you lose weight naturally to no avail? Worry no more since the African Mango Plus offers the perfect solution to your problem. As you may already know losing weight is not only about having good looks. Being obese increases the risk of getting heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases. You should therefore ensure that you are in perfect body shape. This means that you should eliminate any excess fat that is stored in your body.

belly-2473_640African Mango Plus increases your body’s metabolism naturally without any side effects. Increased body metabolism burns any excess fat that is stored in your body. Excess fat in your body can be stored around the blood vessels. This reduces the diameter of your arteries hence reducing the volume of blood flowing through them causing hypertension. Your heart will also work harder as it tries to pump more blood to your body organs. This increases the risks of getting a heart attack. Excess fat is also stored around the heart reducing its pumping capacity. This increases the chances of getting a stroke as your brain cannot get enough oxygen to carry out its functions.

It also contains more HDL (cholesterol that is needed by your body). This reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in your body. Cholesterol is stored in the arteries that transport blood to your heart. Over time it clogs and blocks the coronary artery preventing blood flow to the heart. This will kill the muscles in the affected part of your heart and eventually causes a heart attack which may be fatal. Cholesterol and excess fat may be stored around your colon and waist. This will mess your good looks as you will end up with a pot belly. Its natural fibers help your body to eliminate cholesterol. Taking this supplement helps your body to eliminate harmful cholesterol and also ensures you have the right body shape.

ID-10076858The natural fiber content aids movement of food in your gut. This increases the ability of your body to absorb food and prevents constipation. Remember that food is the fuel that drives your body’s activities. Food that is absorbed by your body releases energy which oxidizes fat and releases energy. Released energy burns stored fat hence reducing the risk of getting heart diseases, high blood pressure and other diseases. Your body releases the energy naturally without causing any harmful side effects.

Increased oxidation of food in your body ensures that you have enough energy to keep you active throughout the day. The increased energy levels will allow you to exercise and carry on with your daily routine without straining. By being more active you will lead a more fulfilling life as you will always be ready to interact and tackle any challenge that will step into your way. You should always remember that there is no one cure for all health problems in the world. To get the best results you should take African Mango Plus regularly and also engage in exercises and eat a healthy diet.


African Mango Side Effects

With all this positive effects you should also know about African Mango side effects. Over the past few years, scientists have come up with thousands of different types of supplements that are known to help lose weight. Some of these supplements have dangerous side effects while others don’t do anything to the body hence does not help one to lose weight. In order to avoid being exposed to dangers of diet pills, one should use the African mango extracts which are very effective and works positively towards losing weight. African mango side effects are not serious since the extract contains natural ingredients which may at times cause less or unnecessary effects but have no further critical health effects.

Known African Mango Side Effects


African Mango Side Effects

African Mango Plus Product Picture

African mango side effects are commonly known to be slight headaches and also the sleep issues especially when one is starting on the pills, they contain caffeine which is commonly known for sleep disturbances. Other supplements such as Ephedra or Phen-fen have side effects that may cause severe complications which may at times leads to death. Manufacture and consumption of these supplements where banned by FDA since they are very dangerous and not healthy to be used by humans. African mango diet pills are now known all over the world since they effectively help a person to burn all the fat reserves in the body hence reduce weight.


African mango extract doesn’t usually come from the whole fruit and therefore consuming African mango doesn’t play any role in weight loss program. The extract is usually removed from the fruit’s seeds, the extract helps in stimulating the production of leptin in the body. Leptin is a chemical that is automatically secreted by the brain in order to suppress hunger, high levels of these chemicals helps one not to feel hungry and instead burn the remaining or stored calories in the body. Recent studies shows that African mango side effects are negligible hence the extract is very effective and in ten weeks one can lost approximately 28ibs and 22 centimeter and also lowers the level of blood sugar and cholesterol in the body.
African Mango Side Effects

Despite the few claims of African mango side effects, it is also proven that the fruit extract can help one maintain a healthy lifestyle and also manage weight issues without any difficulties. Even thou these supplements are positively effective, it is also very important for people to monitor and manage their food intake so as to avoid neutralizing the functions of medication in the body. Some of these supplements artificially control’s the appetite of the user and therefore it is important to keep watch and avoid unwanted foods so as to allow medication to function effectively.

 Research on African Mango Side Effects

Several trials and clinical research have been conducted on both animals and humans and results show that African mango side effects are not serious. It is very effective since the fruit extract works as an appetite suppressant in the digestive system hence helps in the production of adiponectin and leptin. Apart from reducing the bad cholesterol in the body, African mango extract also helps in increasing the good cholesterol levels in the body. The African mango is very safe to be used by any person all over the world since it contain natural contents and has no serious side effects.

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African Mango Extract Diet

African Mango Extract

Humans are the only creatures in the world who consider slim to be pretty and in the past century that has become the cruelest fact of life. Curves are no more desirable and the thinner you are the prettier you look. Every mammal is designed to gain weight over a period of time from the food that they eat because the body with age needs to store more fats for it to function properly, but few people misuse that to the extent of obesity by consuming huge amount of unhealthy food. Slim is beautiful and that has become a major fact of the modern world and people are willing to do anything but exercise to go down to their desired weight. Amongst all the diets in the world one that has reached soaring heights in recent times is the African mango diet, so we have to ask the question does African mango extract really work?
African Mango

Where does African Mango comes from

African Mango Extract Diet

Found at the tip of Angola, Africa the African Mango also known by its local name “Irvingia gabonensis” is a local delicacy. The flesh of the fruit is usually eaten raw, but it is also mass produced to make jam, jelly, and juice and sometimes to make wine. Because the African mango is so rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fat it is a favorite in Africa since it can be used in food shortage for energy. But it is not the flesh of the fruit that is so desirable the real price is inside the seed of the African Mango. Inside the seed there is a nut known as Dika which can be eaten raw or roasted and it has multiple uses.
Dika: The African Mango Nut

You need some effort to reach the Dika inside the seed, but once when you do you will be surprised by it. The Dika can be eaten raw or roasted, but most times it is crushed and pounded until it becomes butter like substance which is then compressed into chocolate like block. The seeds are also squeezed to produce oil or margarine which can be used for cooking or to manufacture soap, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. The crushed dry remains of the Dika after all the oil has been squeezed out of it does not also go to waste, it is used to feed cattle or as a soup thickener which is quite popular in Africa and the famous Dika Bread which is used for preservation is also made from it.
African Mango Diet

African Mango Extract Diet


Start diet todayThe African mango diet is rapidly becoming the latest craze in the modern world because of its effectiveness. African mango including its nut has around 50% fat, 26.4% carbohydrates, 7% protein and 14% fiber, but the nut is the main thing which is used for diet. People who are interested in this diet are asked to take it half in hour before meals which will reduce appetite, cholesterol levels and will stop further fat cells from growing. Most researches show that the African Mango Diet taken twice daily helps reduce weight, the high fibers of the Dika helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, helps to control diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels and best of all it improves metabolism. But the question still lies, does the African Mango Extract really work?

Like everything available in the market today the African Mango also have their share of critics, trying to prove that the African Mango Extract Diet is nothing but a farce. Critics try to point out that there is not many studies with the African Mango and most of the studies done are financed by companies who are producing the African Mango supplement, calling it a rigged race. But the fact does remain that the African Mango has been very popular in Africa for generations, and has also helped people through tough times of droughts which yielded very less crops. The African Mango is so popular in Africa that there are a large number of products made from it, and these facts cannot be over looked at any time. This is not a product that was just discovered, but it was used for hundreds of years

Read our African Mango Plus Review to find more helpful information.


Information about African Mango Plus

African mango plus supplement is the improved version of the real African bush mango supplement. Large numbers of African mango plus reviews online shows lot of success stories from the customers who have effectively availed this supplement to assist them reduce their weight quickly and safely. It is a fruit colorful with a combination of green and red color.

African Mango Information What are the ingredients?


Research has revealed that the ingredients of African mango plus seeds called as “dikka nuts”, assists the body to burn additional fat through speeding up the metabolism. The industry behind the African mango plus has carried the ingredient from the seeds, processed and kept them in to capsules..Certain ingredients availed in the formula of the capsules has rich quantity of fiber. It assists to reduce craving, glucose absorption and delays fat. The main ingredient in the diet supplement comes from irvingia genus trees. This product has active ingredient in it that has been shown effective in many studies.

African Mango Plus



The fruits and the seeds contain the enzyme to assist people reduce weight and develop complete health. It is today very popular of treating obesity problems. It contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals. The seed extract assist the body to make high level of adiponectin that is a strong protein hormone that attacks fatty live acids, delays glucose absorption .It is rich in soluble fiber that facilitates the HDL production. It absorbs additional fat and glucose and removes it from the body in the way of waste. Leptin in the mango controls the fat accumulation in the body. It can control the fat level by raising the metabolism hence the food calories will not contain time to change in to fat accumulation.

Possible side effects:

African mango plus offers only benefits and contain no side effects. Few people have reported that they experience weakness and dizziness in the limbs, this is probably to be a result of consuming small or cutting down fast. You lose your weight without any side effects.

Comparison between older version African mango and African mango plus:

Both the versions of African mango offer benefits to the people in different ways. It increase metabolism, rich in fiber, lessen craving, helps to reduce your cholesterol level. It acts like detoxifying agent and cleans your colon.



There are large numbers of people wanted to purchase African mango plus after knowing its wonderful weight loss benefits. There are number of brands available in the market, which will lead the customers to get confused. Some products have been diluted and hence less effective. Instead of looking at the cost of this amazing weight loss diet supplement, look for the potency of the product. It is derived from the herb which has been availed in Cameroon by the people to control and suppress the appetite. You will need to take the product before eating, so you will consume less at every meal. African mango plus is natural and effective, works well when combined with exercise to reduce your weight. It contains natural ingredient, so you will not get any possible side effects.


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How do you measure up ?

Thru trial and error we made a list what is holding you back when you are losing weight. Try to eliminate or limit these problems, most of these will surprise you.

1. Don’t be so tough on yourself. Many people try popular diets and as soon it gets tough they cave in to temptation and never try it again. You’re are not training for Olympics so take it easy, step by step. Use reward system, after a day of strict diet eat a piece of cake or pizza. After a while gradually rise you rewards. For example: After a week of strict diet and exercise go and eat your heart out at Wendy’s.

2. Eating while watching TV/Computer. This is one of the most common mistakes people make. Mindless eating is a diet destroyer. Binging in front a television, can

3. Skipping breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. First thing when you wake up you should have a nutritious meal afer a long post.


4. Not eating enough protein. proteins are building blocks of muscle, aim to 0.5 gram to 1 gram of protein if you are more active,per pound every day.

5. Not getting enough sleep. Sleep doesn’t just repair our body and restore energy, sleep deficiency can also mess up our hormones so it can lead to more fat storage.

6. Sticking to same old fitness regime. It doesn’t matter how good your fitness plan is, doing the same regime is counter productive and boring. Our body gets used to movement me make and so the progress slows down. Make every workout different and change from weight training to cardio.

7. Overeating. Eating one big meal a day wont help you lose any weight. Eating just once a day slows down digestion and metabolism. Try to aim at 5-6 small meals per day.

8. Losing track of liquid calories. Drink with fuzzy bubbles are loaded with sugar and are one of the biggest weight gainers on the market. There is only one liquid you should drink and that is water.

8485856894_f684525aa7_b9.Getting back into bad food habits. If you always in a hurry then this is one of the most toughest habits to change. Good diets take preparation in advance, take in account that you won’t be able take 30 minutes for lunch but just 10 minutes. Instead of running to fast food joint, have a prepared sandwich with healthy vegetables. Diets are not a short term solution, if you return to your bad habits the weight will soon return.

10. Cant wait for results. when you have decided to lose weight you have to know that it took months to gain that weight so it wont go away in week. A good indicator is losing a pound or two per week.

Adding dietary supplement do wonders when your diet is great. We recommend using African Mango Plus, as is one of the most popular diet supplement in the market. Read our African Mango Plus review and find if this product is for you.

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